The Superior Spider-Man


So I decided to pick up the first issue of The Superior Spider-Man to see what the all the news was about. So Doctor Octopus was dying and found away to swap minds with his greatest enemy, Peter Parker.  I have not read a Spider-Man books in a few years. I did read The Amazing Spider-Man in the days when Todd McFarlane was drawing that book and later when he started Spider-Man.  I am not going to waste your time, so to the point. The book was fun read but other than that, really nothing special. Sure seeing how Dr. Oct handles being the new Spider-Man and reacting to the situations that he encounters as Spider-Man and the people around him is interesting….but?  The first think that caught my attention was how no one seem to notice how he was a dick. Not a lot of panels show this but it is there. Are Peter Parker and Dr Oct more alike then we think?  The arrival of the new Sinister Six did really nothing for me. Oh the same old Sinister Six but with different villains how special….NOT.  The thing why I will not to continue reading this book is the ghostly return of Peter Parker. Come on now, if you want to have this book really interesting DO NOT have you last few panels show that Peter Parker will be returning. Make it more interesting by not showing Peter Parker at all. No hint at all. I may have continued to read to see how thinks developed for Dr Oct as Spider-Man but not now.

So in the end was the book fun, yeah. Fun enough to continue reading, No.

That’s the way I see it anyway.


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