Book vs Digital

Over the last little while I have been reading the first issues of a few of the free @Valiant issues of Bloodshot, Harbinger, XO Manowar I have be able to download for free from not going to tell you my thought on the stories because this is about the different medias. I will say reading the issues have been fun but also at times just a pain. First of all I am reading them on my Iphone so that is  not the best device to read them on. Seeing the pages is not easy and you have to double tap at times just so you can read the pages is not that fun . Moving from panel to panel is neat but it wears out fast.  I have to say being old school and collecting for 25 years or more I still love the feel of having  the book in my hand. Flipping through the pages, seeing and feeling the book in my hands and at times the smell is best part to the collecting. The way the art was meant to be seen. Yes I know most to the pages drawn today are done on Mac’s or some other device. Holding the book and seeing the art that was hand drawn on page and not a screen to me is still the best and only way. I know I have not gone into great details about my views on book vs digital but I think you can see that I still love the having the books. Come on are you going to stack up a bunch of flash drive and show them off. “Hey want to see my collection of Spiderman I have on this flash drive?” is not a comment I want to hear from a collector wanting me to see his collection. In this case old school is the best school. That’s the way I see it anyway.


The Numbskull Nerd

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