Comic Review: Lesbian Zombies From Outerspace

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.13.45 AMLesbian Zombies From Outerspace #1 of 7

Publisher: Big Things Production

Writer: Jave Galt-Miller

Artist: Wayne A. Brown

Color: Raymond “Monds” Agustin

Letterer: Shawn Depasquale

The Zombie craze has been going on for a few years and people are trying to come up with a different take on the genre. Here is one that is out of left field.

Lesbian Zombies from Outerspace is that different take. Taking two things that guys love (also some woman) Jave Galt-Miller has mixed these two things into a humorous story that gives the reader a feel of a 1950’s drive in movie. You really have to not take this book seriously. It is meant to be a fun ride. The dialogue is adult with some nudity but nothing explicit.

Ace the lead in our story works in a video store that is going out of business. Ace is more concerned with watching the porn then working.  On this day Ace gets a call from his best friend saying that he has finally talk his girlfriend into a 3-way.  The story then moves onto a couple of lesbian out in a field playing when a meteoroid crashes to earth. They of course have to investigate and find a woman in the crater.

Ace has convince this friend, Ellis to let him film that 3-way and from here is when the zombie part of the book really starts.  Lets just say if you are a man hang on to your sausage.

The zombie event here from a out side threat then one created by man. The woman are not dead but transformed into man eaters. Maybe feminism gone extreme?

Jave writes a very easy to read story here. The dialogue at times feels real then jumps to the B-movie feel.  The art my Wayne A. Brown is sometimes a little clunky but also spot on as in the panel where Ace is begging his friend Ellis to let him video tape the action.  How many of use would do that? Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.44.05 AM

I don’t what to give to much away of this book. If I did then no reason for you to read it , right?

Overall I did have fun reading this book. To me that is a big plus. So many books today are to serious and we need a book to be just fun to read.

So in the end I give Lesbian Zombies from Outerspace 3.75 pops out of 5.

You can purchase this book on Comixology, Also go to Also is you want there is a R-Rated variant cover at Ebay.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


John G M Burke


Ep 39 Honesty On Your Face, Neck and Chest

Ep 39 Honesty On Your Face, Neck and Chest

This episode I have clips of Simon Pegg, Robin Lord Taylor and Kevin and Ralph from Hollywood Babble On. I talk about a Gaurdians of The Galaxy rip off, Jessica Jones, Tom Hardy. Stjepen Sejic on a different approach to crowdfunding. Also State Zero, a short film on my site and Chvrches a group from Scotland.

Skype: John Stoney Burke


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Cosplay Thursday

Hey Hey Cosplay Thursday is back. So once again feast your eyes on some very creative people.

Source: Cosplay Facebook

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ Spinoff Not Dead at ABC

John G M Burke:

So the attempt to produce a spinoff from Agents of Shield is still being kicked around. The original idea for a spinoff was shut down. So what could the spin off be? Hope about something along the Inhumans? Okay this is far fetched but with Marvel not being able to us the word ‘mutant’ and Marvel turning their attention to the Inhumans property, hey it could be possible.
Marvel wants to bring the Inhumans to the fore front. In the new Age of Ultron movie and the books Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver were change to be Inhumans. Stopping Fox from being able to use them as mutants in any further X-Men films. Okay I am guessing here but hey sounds good.

Bringing a group of Inhumans acting like the X-Men to TV may not really be a bad idea. ?

Originally posted on Variety:

There’s still hope for ABC’s next spinoff of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.”

Despite recent reports that the spinoff series (which was confirmed to be in early development this April) is dead, ABC Entertainment Group president Paul Lee says there is still a possibility for the project.

On Tuesday’s conference call ahead of the network’s Upfront presentation in New York, Lee raved about “SHIELD” and “Agent Carter,” which returns midseason with Season 2, revealing, “it certainly is a possibility of spinning them off.”

[pmc-related-link href=”” type=”See More:” target=”_self”]ABC Adds ‘Muppets’ & Three New Dramas for Fall; TGIT Stays Put[/pmc-related-link]

The spinoff was rumored to focus on Adrianne Palicki’s Bobbi Morse and Nick Blood’s Lance Hunter, and Lee admitted, “We absolutely love those characters on ‘SHIELD,'” so much so that they didn’t want to mess with success by attempting a spinoff at this point.

“SHIELD” has been a solid performer for ABC in ratings, and…

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The Music Store: CHVRCHES – Recover

Hey so today’s Music Store highlight is CHVRCHES – Recover.

Chvrches is a Scottish electronic band that was formed in 2011. The band consists of Lauren Mayberry, Ian Cook and Martin Doherty. The band made their US TV debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on 19 of June 2013 performing the song The Mother We Share.

You can find out more about the group at their website, Chvrches


Movie Mondays: State Zero

Once again it is Movie Monday and I have a very good short film form Andrée Wallin.

State Zero takes place in Sweden after a post apocalyptic world. The first scene is of a young man tied to a chair. He is injected with a black substance that he reacts to badly. From there we see a vehicle flying with a group of four soldiers on is what suppose to be a routine mission to repair a surveillance tower that has gone down. This short film is very heavy with CGI and VFX and looks really good. The acting was good for a short film with has the feeling of a concept film. The local inhabits of the area do have the look of another group of characters from I Am Legend but it did not hinder the look and feel of the movie.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Source: YouTube



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